The barber program is 2000 clock hours, or 62 weeks to complete at 32.5 hours per week. 

Why Study as an Apprentice?

I use a combination of teaching styles and techniques to maximize learning experiences. The teaching setting is smaller than traditional barber schools allowing students to receive a more hands on, one on one approach. Heavy emphasis on textbook accountability to assure preparedness for Missouri state boards. Every effort is made to stimulate growth in knowledge and skills for the prospective apprentice to assure long term barber confidence.

Crossover Program

Intended for professional cosmetologists, this 90-hour intensive program trains students in the history of barbering and the art of razor use, and meets the state of Missouri's prerequisites for testing to obtain a barber crossover license. This program is available to any cosmetologist who has been licensed in the state of Missouri for a minimum of one year.

Both the Barber and Crossover schedule can be modified to better accommodate working professionals.  For more information on the program cost, curriculum, or starting dates, please contact the barber shop.